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~ Design My Business ~ 

the webinar.

Reduce the complexity around starting a small business.

*27th October - 6pm-8pm AEDT.

~ Design Your Business (free!)  ~

~ Promote Your Business (price TBA) ~

~ Bring It Together (price TBA) ~

~ Be Confident in Starting (price TBA) ~


~ Who is our webinar for? ~

  • You're setting up your first business venture
  • Sole proprietors + small consulting firms 
  • Small business owners starting up
  • Establishing a side hustle business
  • Transitioning from corporate into business ownership

1. Branding made simple (Lynette)

2. Balancing your time + making the transition (Lynette)

3. Unplugging the noise to get focused (Lynette)

4. Designing a logo - practical tips (Jessica)

1. Knowing what social media to use (Lynette)

2. Creating content - a step-by-step guide (Jessica)

3. Tips to promote your business (Lynette)

1. Design a brand logo + content (Jessica)

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~ The Design My Business webinar. ~

We understand that transitioning into running your own business can be overwhelming. Having started our own business we wanted to demystify the complexity of it for others. As entrepreneurs specialising in business, branding and creativity we have lots to share.

The ‘Design My Business’ webinar provides information, tips and tools to brand your business idea. Learn how to:

1. Get in the right mindset
2.  Create a name and logo for your business
3. Use social media wisely
4. Create content in simple way
5.  Promote your business

Be inspired to design your business!!! 

~ Learn to ~

Start time 6pm for a 8pm finish. The webinar will take you through 3 practical sessions to ensure you can get your business idea up and running.


Session 1 - Get Ready 

1. Choosing a business name

2. Tips on logo design and brand look

3. LIVE demonstration of designing a logo


4.  The right mindset

6.00 - 6.40pm

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Session 2 - Promote 

1. Ways to promote

2. What social media to use

3. Creating content - a step-by-step guide 

4. Creating a social campaign

6.50 - 7.30pm

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Session 3 - Get Started

1. Simple business plan

2. Priority setting

3. What to do first

7.40 - 8pm


~ Why learn with us? ~

We are Lynette and Jessica from Arrive Collaborative. We have made the transition to designing our own business, so we understand what it's like for you.


Your business idea gets lost as you navigate your way through how to set up and get going. 


Knowing this we wanted to help others. With expertise in entrepreneurship, business planning and branding we can help you arrive to where you want to be.

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~ Lynette                ~ founder

~ business strategist and brand expert with experience in corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

Business owner.

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~ Jessica 

~ co-founder

~ creative thinker and artist with experience in the entrepreneurial research and branding sectors. Business owner.

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