Using service design to disrupt established industries

Banking sector disruptors 'neo banks' are full service digital banks. Tapping into customer's increased usage and confidence in on-line banking services and apps.

Client objective

With a successful launch to niche digital native segments, a neo-bank wanted to explore how to grow and diversify their customer base. As a start up they can be agile in experimenting with new offers designed to address unmet needs.


Applying service design methodologies, an in-depth analysis of the current service experience based on empathy research was undertaken.  From this process, personas were designed to bring the customer to life through illustrations. Showing how their lives, dreams and beliefs impacted their banking choices.


Customer journey maps highlighted 'pain points'  in accessing on-line banking services. Lack of ability to customise was an area that emerged. Resulting in the recommendation to use AI to match customers with to a broker.  Along with many other areas of unmet needs that presented opportunities to improve the offer.


Utilising design thinking processes prototypes were sketched out. Resulting in the ideation of solutions to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.