Zebra Crossing
Defending a brand under attack

When an acquisition resulted in a wave of negativity not previously experienced, a considered approach focusing on the bigger picture was undertaken.

Client objective

For a multinational organisation operating across distinct business areas, a strategic approach was developed to build trust over time. By increasing awareness of its commitment  to advancing health and nutrition, to building awareness of its overall mission. While conveying a 'point of view' in a respectful way through thought leadership communications.


Taking an open minded approach to respecting the opinions of others reinforced corporate values. On social channels, unless comments were untrue or offensive they were visible. Often resulting in community members sharing balanced and informed articles and views. 


A reputation campaign with a call to action for individuals to take an active interest in managing their own health was launched.  The message reached millions of Australians, and resonated with employees who took part in a company health expo.


By telling the corporate brand truth in an accessible way, an 'always on' digital presence became a strong form of defence. Driving stakeholder advocacy, consumer trust in innovative products, and protecting market position across business groups.