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Re-inventing a leader in private education

Brand strategy drives business transformation. It defines the purpose, values and principles the organisation stands for. By understanding 'why' you do what you do, and how this benefits society and customers everything becomes clear.

Client strategic imperatives

The technology and design division at Red Hill Education houses 3 innovative and respected private education schools - Coder Academy, AIT - the Academy of Information Technology, and ISCD - the International School of Colour and Design.

Border closures due to Covid had significantly impacted the Australian education sector. Institutions needed to pivot fast to protect income and grow into the future.

The challenge for our client was to develop a clear overall brand strategy and one for each school to clearly define and diversify the brand offer in line with educational demand trends. Including reviewing the brand hierarchy, positioning and portfolio structure to create future value.


Designed collaborative brand review approach to engage business leaders, academic heads, employees and students to contribute knowledge and ideas.

Facilitated brand workshops with Coder Academy and a combined session with representatives from AIT (Academy of Information Technology) and ISCD (International School of Colour and Design).

Used design thinking techniques to explore potential new school brand names and uncover brand strategy inputs. Designed brand purpose statements for Coder Academy, AIT and ISCD to define promise, image, principles and 'on and off' brand direction.

Utilised exceptional project management skills to ensure a significant amount of work was delivered against the 4 month time-line. 

Highlighted key organisational blindspots that were blocking a growth mindset.  Helping identify new product offer territories and cultural change initiatives to achieve the vision.

Delivered a comprehensive brand strategy providing clear recommendations. Presented to the senior leadership team and CEO.


This was one of the most rewarding brand transforming projects we have worked on. It was a highly collaborative process, with brand guidance being taken onboard immediately for future innovation, culture development and marketing programs.