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Alleviating fears during a time of crisis

Covid19 changed everything in an instant. As fear of the unknown set in, employees looked towards leaders for reassurance.  Consumers rushed to stock up on essential items. There was a shift towards contactless transactions. How business was responding to the crisis attracted media interest.


Client objective

For a global pharmaceutical company, corporate communications took on heightened significance. Customers, media and employees were provided updates on a daily basis as the situation unfolded. Strategic counsel  on stakeholder sentiment was given to business leaders to inform messaging.


When remote working was mandated virtual communications with employees and customers presented new challenges. Story telling became a way to connect teams across locations and regions. A content series was created to tell the stories of how teams were adapting during lock down to meet customer needs. Generating momentum for agile customer focused problem solving.

The public were interested in how healthcare companies were helping to fight COVID19 around the world.  Consolidating 'real time' updates required constant consultation with global stakeholders. Media releases were crafted from a perspective of empathy and responsibility. Social media posts developed to help amplify public health awareness messages.


The integrated communications approach resulted in managing risk and building trust in leaders in times of uncertainty.  Contributing positively to corporate reputation through delivering informed, timely and socially conscious communications .